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The Mental Wealth Podcast Cover

The Mental Wealth Podcast


EPISODE 22 | Intentionally Healing with Guest Helen Levin.

On Episode 22, we tackle seasonal depression, music therapy & avoiding gaslighter your own thoughts & feelings. Then we dive into “Intentional Healing” w/ our special guest Transformation Life Coach Helen Levine. To wrap the episode, 8 ways to heal emotionally plus more.

Compassion Before Judgement Podcast

Compassion Before Judgement



Helen Levine is a healer and more formally known to be a Transformational Life and business Success Coach for the conscious souls who are ready to eliminate stress and burnout, release emotional baggage & and inner blocks & and attain unshakeable confidence, success & and fulfillment.

Helen Levine

Let’s talk about KARMA 😯


Health | Spirituality

Today, I am thrilled to engage in a discussion about the deep concept of Karma! Wow, what an absolutely fascinating and captivating topic we have here! Why is it that karma is perpetually intertwined with a pessimistic undertone? "Karma is a bitch...", "Karma will find its way back to you..." I used to think Karma operated as a boomerang, where the energy one emits into the universe inevitably returns to them. I find myself considering the intriguing notion: "What if we possess the extraordinary power to shape our own Karma through our actions, ones that don't deviate from the harmonious alignment of our souls?"

Helen Levine

When You Say I AM... You Begin To Create Your Reality!🤭


Mindfulness | Mental Health

Today, I am here to engage in a profound conversation regarding the transformative power that lies within the utterance of two simple yet immensely influential words: "I AM." The very instant we declare "I AM," we subconsciously ignite a profound transformation. It occurs on a physiological, mental, and energetic level. Let us embark on a profound exploration of this captivating topic.

Helen Levine

Generational Trauma - How To Recognize It and Heal It


Mindfulness | Spirituality | Mental Health

Generational Trauma is an immensely significant subject that regrettably eludes the attention of many human beings. We find ourselves grappling with the lack of understanding regarding its true nature, as well as the profound impact it has on our lives. It's a fascinating aspect of our existence, one that truly molds the trajectory of our lives. Through my extensive work with countless clients, I have come to uncover profound patterns that span across generations and ancestral lines. These patterns, often unbeknownst to us, have a profound impact on our behavior and the way we navigate through life. Frequently, this damaging mental state holds us back, trapping us in unsatisfying relationships, financial turmoil, and self-destructive cycles. It deceives us into thinking that we are unworthy and undeserving of greater things.

3rd Annual Healing Motivational Summit

3rd Annual Healing Motivational Summit


Creating global empowerment, inspiration, and motivation through unique voices and dynamic stories forged with hope, faith, resilience, and triumph.

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