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Solo To Soulmate
Are You Ready To
Get Unsingle

Learn how to attract the RIGHT relationship from your worth, not your wounds. Welcome to the single women's group immersion experience like no other - the only program that activates your innate potential and transforms you into your most aligned, inspired, self-loving, confident & connected, healed version of you.

Embrace Your Authenticity

You're not just another single, successful woman lost in the sea of people searching for love. You're unique, and your journey towards companionship should reflect that. Understand why you have been attracting the wrong men, unable to break the same toxic patterns and learn the secrets to how to become the One that's ready to meet the Right One.

Redefine Your Journey

​You were intuitively guided here because on some level, you see yourself as:

  • A professional woman who has lots of things going well in her life, but for some reason, you are stuck in a pattern of either attracting the wrong men or just can’t seem to meet "the One"

  • You are ready to Break Up with your old self and get the happily ever after that you desire

  • Someone who's tried it all (dating sites and coaches, matchmakers, therapy, maybe even psychics), yet still hasn't found your match and is ready to finally unlock your heart, release your past, and Become the One That's Ready to Meet the One 

  • A woman who is ready to rewrite her story, embody her new frequency, and stop being driven by triggers and instead follow her inner guidance to start living in the flow

  • Ready to heal your relationship patterns and stand out from the crowd in the ocean of other single women as your most confident, sexy, and loving self and manifest the authentic conscious relationship of your dreams

  • You are ready to try something you've never tried before ~ go beyond what meets the eye and dive deep into the ENERGETICS of RELATIONSHIPS

  • You feel like you want to understand yourself better, to gain clarity on how you got here, what's at the root of the void and emotional pain in your life and how to actually break

  • free from that once and for all, so that you can have the happily ever after that you truly deserve

  • You are ready to take charge and responsibility for healing the relationships and patterns in your life, including one with yourself. 


If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

I was having trouble meeting high-quality men. After one session with Helen, I found myself on one of the best dates of my life, and after several sessions, I was consistently meeting amazing, supportive men and was in a loving relationship.

I made the decision to work with Helen in all areas of my life, and I credit the majority of my success to Helen and our work!

She's a mix of an expert consultant, therapist, spiritual guide, best friend, and MAGIC!

Don’t Create Your Future From Your Past!

Unlike the traditional dating apps or matchmaking process, becoming Unsingle™ is not about meeting the one by putting yourself out there more, but rather it’s about Unbecoming who you are not, in order to Become and attract from the best, healed, authentic version of you by clearing the blockages that have distorted your connection to love.


  • The biggest mistakes single women make that prevent them from having the love life they deeply desire

  • Discover your biggest blocks to love and relationship success

  • Receive guidance and clarity around how to actually heal your toxic patterns and open your heart

  • Gain access to my powerful blueprint that will show you the root cause of any misalignments in your life, which contribute to feeling stuck or unhappy and unfulfilled and not seeing the results you strive for

  • My exact groundbreaking method that I have used to reverse-engineer and heal my own life and countless clients

  • Learn how to uncover and release your hidden relationship blocks 

  • Learn practical steps to shift your energetic vibration and your mood  

  • Learn how to heal from your childhood wounds and break the cycle of generational trauma once and for all

  • Transcend negative emotions and experiences into empowered ways of being and become a magnet to true love

  • Learn how to transform your relationships, attract and manifest love, success and fulfillment in all areas of your life

  •  Incredible life-changing tools and techniques that took me decades to acquire and learn


  • Energetics of relationship dynamics

  • Balancing the masculine + and feminine energy

  •  intention setting to align your core values with your vision 

  • Deconstructing your self-imposed rules and dismantling the unconscious contracts

  • Decluttering your mental & and emotional body 

  • Self-love & self-care 

  • Making energetic space - finding and mending energy leaks in your life

  • Clearing toxic energy from your life & and past relationships

  • Learn my favorite manifestation hacks

Here is What's Included In This Program:

We're going to partner closely together over 8 weeks with all the training, accountability, and support you need to get real results. For every module, you'll get an Action Guide so you can implement what you learn in a clear, focused way.


  • If you can't make it live to some, it's okay, a recording will be provided. 

  • You'll get lifetime access to the program including any new training or bonuses we add to the program.


A supportive community that provides a meaningful connection, uplifts and inspires each other through your journey into the embodiment of the full expression of your multidimensional self.


To Make This Opportunity Even More Exciting, You Will Also Get These Special Bonuses.


  • Want my personal help with a particular concern? Share it in the group or in the private Voxer group and your Get Unsingle Coach :) will give you personalized feedback.


Mindset-Emotional-Vibrational Realignment

($555 Value)

What You Can Expect:

  • To be challenged and at times even triggered

  • To be gently pushed out of your comfort zone and into your zone of genius

  • To explore infinite possibilities within you on the path to unlocking your full potential and reaching new heights

  • A safe environment where you can be your true self, without the stories, the limiting beliefs and excuses

  • An energetic vibe that will keep you tuned into the higher frequency, ensuring a vibrational alignment to your desired life

  • Get clear on your vision. Are you aware of what future you are creating for yourself?

  • Get your mind, body and spirit in alignment with that vision. 


So I’ve included a generous refund guarantee so that you can get started and feel safe to lean into it.

I believe in my program SO much, that I want to give you 7 days to try it, risk-free. You have a full week to decide if this is right for you.

If for some reason you decide it's not a great fit, all you have to do is email me and show me that you’ve done the assignments to receive a full refund. 


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