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My STEER Story

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Helen Levine

How It All Began


Our Stories are usually based on some situations that are factual. Here is my story.


I came to the U.S. as an immigrant when I was a teenager. That part is a fact that happened, can be proven and in itself is neither positive nor negative. It just is what happened at a specific point in my life. 

Being a teenager and an immigrant in itself is neither good nor bad. Now, I did assign a lot of negative meaning to that period of my life and created a number of stories in my head, that I lived in for a large part of my youth. Years ago, those stories were ones of lots of struggle, difficulties, poverty, bullying that I encountered, lots of health issues and so on. You get the picture.


At some point though, I started to recognize that I was the creator of those stories and more importantly, that I can choose to create a different story just as well. Interesting, right? I hope I didn’t lose you here. Please bear with me. 


Little by little, I began to rewrite my stories into ones of growth and empowerment. Yes, I was still an immigrant in a new country. However, I no longer chose to concentrate on the negative parts of that experience. Instead, I began to see all the positives that it brought into my life. Instead of focusing  on all the struggles, I was able to see them in a different way - they were opportunities given to me to start a new life, one filled with options that I couldn’t have, had I remained where I was. I was able to see the bigger scale of my life journey as it was unfolding, and the deeper meaning and reasons for why I had to experience certain things in life, in order to grow from them. It might sound crazy, but really, I now see that each painful experience in my life was a catalyst for more growth, knowledge and expansion.


Now to put things in perspective, of course, I did have those experiences and I certainly had people around that confirmed and supported my beliefs and would agree that I did endure those struggles and the pain. That would certainly make it seem like it’s more factual rather than just my opinion of it, right? 

Don’t get me wrong, of course I experienced those situations and endured all that pain. But I’ve also come to realize that just because I perceived my life at that time in that way and there may have been other people in my life agreeing with me and my story, it does not make it the only way to view it! It’s just that we all shared similar thoughts and biased opinions about it. But we could choose a different way of looking at things, I just didn’t realize it at the time, just like so many people living their lives, absorbed in their negative thoughts, step by step perpetuating their unhappy ways of experiencing their reality..


The interesting thing is that most people have thousands of thoughts running through their minds daily and most of those happen unconsciously.

Once I recognized that truth, I was finally able to notice my thoughts, observe them and eventually, I began to question them. At some point I learned to reprogram them and consciously rewrite my story. It was not easy. It didn’t just happen overnight. It took me many years of continuous learning, struggling and working on my mindset, gradually creating a deep shift at the identity level. If only I’d known then what I know now… But again, I believe there is a deeper reason behind this journey of self-discovery.


I’ve been so grateful to have come across the works of my role model, Louise Hay in my early days of personal development, as well as Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, Neville Goddard, Florence Shovel Shinn, Gary Zukav and so many other amazing teachers. Each of them helped shift my identity, my mindset, and my reality.


At some point, I saw a very clear connection between my thoughts and how they made me feel. I began to see exactly how those thoughts were like strange magnets, attracting so many more of the same thoughts, which in turn were keeping me feeling stuck…that is until I began to create new thought patterns. 


Suddenly, one day I had an awakening, a realization that I was not experiencing that same level of anxiety and angst that I normally woke up with and went to sleep with daily. I had my first A-ha moment of clarity and a sense of empowerment and joy that I haven’t experienced before. This was many years ago. That moment, that realization, was the true beginning of an amazing journey to transformation.


The more I was learning to connect the dots between what I was thinking and the way I was feeling, the more I was able to question my beliefs, my thoughts and rewrite my stories. And as though by magic, everything in my life began to shift. All of a sudden, more and more opportunities began to align, synchronicities started to occur regularly and the right people were coming across my path to support the new belief system, based on the new thoughts and new stories.


The more I was studying the mind-body connection, learning about vibrational energy and the various healing modalities, the more I was not just seeing the connection, but actually noticing how much more joyous, fulfilling and in the flow, my life was beginning to feel.


It’s unfortunate that so many people are closed off to it and even deny that we are energetic beings. Quantum physics and the science of epigenetics has done a good job at figuring it out. 


A lot of people are really disconnected from their feelings and emotions, keeping them suppressed so deeply, that they may not even recognize that they feel those emotions. We often confuse what we think for what we feel. Once you become more aware of your thoughts, you begin to connect more to how they make you feel. Trust me, I speak from experience. At some point, when you start to connect those dots, you begin to notice that it’s not a particular experience that made us feel a certain way, but it’s our reaction, our thoughts and the story we created about it that do.


I believe that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and a part of that experience is to also have situations come up that are unpleasant or difficult. However, it’s quite empowering to know that you are the only one responsible for how you feel and no-one else can cause those feelings. This way you are the one responsible for the steps you choose to take or not to take in your life, and for the outcomes, or the results you ultimately experience. 


The STEER Method™ has helped me and countless others get unstuck in various aspects of their lives, reframe their thought process and get their lives back on track. And it can do the same for you!

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