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Helen Levine

Break Free of Your Past and Embrace Your Dream Life

Uncover and eliminate hidden root causes of struggles and frustration in your personal and professional lives, break free from the pain of feeling stuck, and achieve greater levels of success and satisfaction.

Uncover Core Issues, Eradicate Root Causes, and Attain Self-Mastery for a Transformed Life

What if there was a system that could not only identify your core issues and their root causes but also provide effective ways to eliminate them -- ways that enable you to have more insight into yourself and every aspect of your life? A system that would guide you through a journey of self-healing and self-mastery.


Discover time-tested and trusted systems and tools that will help create a new healed version of you.

Time-Travel Healing™

Reverse engineer your pain, dissolve energy blocks, experience emotional and financial freedom, and enjoy your life. We are often unaware of how blockages shape and affect our lives, and how clearing them can unleash our potential.

STEER Method™

Discover how influences and triggers affect your Story, Thoughts, Emotions, Energy, and Results. STEER is a powerful step-by-step system that helps identify and eliminate the root causes of turmoil in your life, and provides tools to restore it.

Cycle Breakers™ Community

Join a community of strong and independent people who are trying to break the cycle of generational trauma and improve their lives. Whether you're looking for support, or want to support others, this is the place for you.

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Helen Levine

Helen Levine


Helen Levine is a highly sought-after transformational coach, esteemed healer, celebrated author, and visionary master of manifestation. Helen is dedicated to guiding others in overcoming limiting beliefs, conquering fears, and dispelling energy blocks to unlock unmatched personal and professional growth and fulfillment.


With her groundbreaking proprietary methodology, she's redefining the landscape of inner transformation and external success.


Helen is happily married for 25 years to her high school sweetheart, a dedicated mother to two awesome kids and an adorable Yorkie she’s obsessed with.


Having once been a struggling immigrant with humble beginnings and big dreams, Helen's journey is a testament to radical life transformation. Having steered her own destiny from scarcity to prosperity, she stands as a guiding light for countless individuals she has empowered to rewrite their life stories.


Real people telling life-impacting stories. Here are a few of the many comments and stories of working with Helen.

You unlocked one of my generational trauma blockages and it was very interesting because you told me that something happened in my family 3/4 generations ago - and my mom and I ended up confirming it.

I didn't know that my mother's mother was abandoned. I've never felt abandoned but no I'm able to pinpoint all of it.


"At a time when I was at a major crossroads in my life, everything was changing. I was overloaded and overwhelmed. Helen taught me how powerful our words are, and she helped me recognize my habits and shed light on how I could feel more at ease. 

I would recommend to anyone to Helen. It's like going to therapy without therapy! 


Daughter: I had a lot of anxiety, fears, and worries, that I carried with me since childhood, and my mom was worried about me.

After my sessions, I felt a significant difference. I felt more calm, less overwhelmed. I was able to release some of that pain I was holding onto for so long. 


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Unveiling The Mystery of Generational Trauma E-book

Unveiling the Mystery of Generational Trauma


Unveiling the Mystery of Generational Trauma" is a thought-provoking and informative guide that sheds light on a complex and often overlooked topic. It provides insights and strategies for individuals who may be struggling with generational trauma, as well as for those who are interested in learning more about this important subject.

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